New book by Sarah Helton

I have a new book! I’m very excited as it’s currently being printed and will be available from February 14th 2019.

‘A jumble of knotted thoughts’ is a sensory story.

It is a simple story that you read to children to help them process a death and to help them manage the emotions of bereavement and grief. Each line of the story is supported with a sensory activity or action, using everyday objects. Having a sensory element to the story helps the child to understand the subject matter more fully.

The story is written for individuals with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and young children (primary school age). The story is a means of helping young children and individuals with SEND to understand that someone has died and reassuring them that the feelings they are experiencing are normal.

‘A jumble of knotted thoughts’ is just £4.99 as is available from the BackPocketTeacher Shop

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