A few song ideas.

The perfect song to start your day

Here’s a simple song to use at registration/circle time. It is perfect for children who are non-verbal to encourage them to make sounds. It is sung to the tune of Frère Jacques and the text in red is what the teacher needs to do.

The Song- Where is……?

Where is (name of child)? – pretending not to be able to see the child

Where is (name of child)?

Is she/he here?

Is she/he here?

(Name of child) make a noise now – leave plenty of time for the child to make a noise

(Name of child) make a noise now – lots of encouragement and looking at the child if they haven’t   made a noise yet

There she/he is – a great deal of excitement and praise in your voice that you can now see where the child is

There she/he is

A song to encourage exploration and discovery

Here’s a lovely song to develop your pupil’s gross and fine motor skills. It also encourages them to explore and discover new things.

Find an interesting box with a lid and place lots of interesting things inside it. If you’re doing a topic on ‘The Farm’ make it lots of toy animals. If you’re learning about ‘Healthy Eating’ have it full of fruit and vegetables.

The Song – What’s in the box?

What’s in the box?

What’s in the box?

(Name of child) can you tell me

What’s in the box?

The activity and song can easily be changed to use a bag, a tin, a hat ….. the options are endless. Change the ‘container’ to challenge the children’s manipulation and dexterity skills, also so that it fits in with your given topic and lesson.

Unfortunately I am currently unable to add audio files to this website. If you’d like to hear how the tune for ‘What’s in the box?’ goes please email me and I will send you an audio file.


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