Book 2 is here!

I am delighted to have received copies of my second book ‘Remembering Lucy’.

‘Remembering Lucy’ is on sale from August 21st. RL Photo 1.jpg

It is a children’s story book about loss and grief in a school.

Joe, an 8-year-old boy who attends a special school, tells the story of his school and what happens when one of his friends, Lucy, dies.

This book is sensitively written and provides children with special educational needs and disabilities guidance and support to help them come to terms with the death of a friend. The story uses simple language and the illustrations are reflective of a special school setting, meaning children can easily access and relate to the story. The book ends on a very positive note and is an excellent vehicle to help teachers support bereaved children.

Remembering Lucy is illustrated by the very talented Anna Novy and published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. It is available from Amazon and all other good book sellers:  Barnes & NobleBlackwellsFoyles,  WaterstonesWHSmith etc.


2 thoughts on “Book 2 is here!

  1. Thank you so much Aurora, you’re right I’m proud of both books, but this one is extra special, it’s the one the children will see and I really hope that it will have a very positive impact for them. Sarah


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