A month to go and ‘Remembering Lucy’ will be in my hands!

Book Cover Remembering Lucy
Only a month to go! On Monday August 21st my children’s book ‘Remembering Lucy’ will be released.

Although my first book ‘A Special Kind of Grief’ (a resource book for teachers) was released in June and I was thoroughly excited to at last hold my ‘creation in my hands, my level of excitement is even greater for ‘Remembering Lucy’. I think this is because I know this book will be read, looked and explored by children. This is the book that will have direct contact with and hopefully they will benefit from.

The story – Joe and his friends miss Lucy very much.

When she died and they learned they wouldn’t see Lucy again they were all very sad.

But Joe has a plan: he can remember the happy times he shared with Lucy!

He thinks about all the wonderful things Lucy did. How messy she was when she was painting, and the time she giggled through the school play when her crown kept slipping off. Now Joe knows that remembering Lucy means he doesn’t have to feel so sad!

Children with SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) often experience grief at a much younger age than other children. This touching short story will help children with SEND aged 3+ understand feelings caused by death and loss, and the beautiful hand drawn illustrations help convey the complex experience of bereavement in a simple and clear way. Included is a teacher’s guide to talking about bereavement, grief and loss, making this the ideal aid for teachers and support staff at SEND schools and colleges.

Remembering Lucy is illustrated by the very talented Anna Novy and published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. It is available from Amazon and all other good book sellers:  Barnes & NobleBlackwellsFoyles,  WaterstonesWHSmith etc.


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