Let’s think beyond the labels

Yesterday I received a wonderful envelope in the post. In it was a letter from my dear friend Jonathan along with a gift – the most delicious chocolate brownie (Jonathan is a terrific baker).

In Jonathan’s letter he told me of a video that he had made – Teach Us Too. This video is on Youtube. As much as the brownie was chocolatey and incredibly tasty, the best gift Jonathan sent me was his video.

sanwal-deen-93466.jpgLabels are used in all areas of life and the world of education has more than its fair share, especially the field of special education and disability.

I hope you will watch Jonathan’s video and like me you will reflect on the various labels we use.

Labels are not always correct and even if a label was at one time accurate things can change. People can change, children can change, we can learn, AND children, ALL children deserve to learn and to be taught. We need an education system that supports us to ensure that all students are given the education they deserve, delivered by well trained professionals who are constantly seeking to find the best ways to engage with pupils and the best route to them being able to access the world.

Thank you JB – in September you may be about to start at Secondary School, but you are more than a student, you are also a teacher.


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