‘Digital colleagues’

‘Digital colleagues’ – an incredible form of support & advice  

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The world of SEND can at first seem overwhelming and at times a little isolating. In reality it’s a very supportive and tight knit community. 

There will be a wealth of support and advice that you can gain from the colleagues in your own school and other schools in your local area – both special and mainstream schools, and I highly recommend you make connections with staff in all types of schools in your area. These local connections will be invaluable for training opportunities, sharing ideas, sharing physical resources etc.

But there’s another incredible source of support and advice – from your digital colleagues. Other teachers working across the UK and across the globe. You can access this mass of expertise on all forms of social media.

​Here are two of my favourites (ones that I have learnt so much from)

  • The Department for Education’s SLD Forum. You can subscribe here
  • @SENexchange on Twitter. They also have a weekly live discussion #SENexchange on Wednesday’s 8:00 to 8:30

I’d love to hear of other ways that you connect digitally with fellow SEND professionals. 

Email – backpocketteacher@gmail.com

Twitter @backpocketteach


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